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HPX Engineers Conduct Due Diligence Trip to Buchanan Port Amid Recent Movement on the Rail Multi User Agreement

Buchanan, Liberia – HPX engineers recently completed a comprehensive due diligence trip to Buchanan Port, focusing on its technical and operational viability for future use. The team met with port management and staff to assess current conditions, identify potential deficiencies that could hinder operations, and explore ways HPX can provide assistance.

During the visit, HPX engineers identified 80 acres of land within the port suitable for their operations. The company has formally expressed its interest in utilizing these facilities to the National Port Authority (NPA), pending the conclusion of ongoing negotiations. This initiative is part of HPX’s broader strategy to enhance infrastructure and operational capabilities, including the pursuit of a Rail Multi-User Agreement, which would facilitate efficient transportation of goods to and from the port.

Buchanan Port, Liberia’s second-largest port after Monrovia’s Freeport, holds significant potential for growth. Its strategic location near central and southeastern Liberia positions it as a vital hub for various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and logging. Expansion and development of the port could catalyze substantial job creation in industries that support port operations and related businesses.

HPX’s commitment to improving the port’s infrastructure, combined with the strategic Rail Multi-User Agreement, underscores the broader potential for economic growth and industrial development in the region. These efforts aim to unlock the port’s full potential, driving significant economic benefits and fostering sustainable development in Liberia.

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