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Liberia: AML Liberia Denies Sending Its Workers To Solway’s License

A media personnel at ArcelorMittal Liberia, Mr. Sendolo, recently publicly said that they have been following news concerning issue between Solway and the Government of Liberia relating to mining license.

The Indian company (publicly listed on US stock exchange of New York) has not issued any official statement regarding the turning over of Solway’s license to AML by the Government of Liberia with the go ahead to carry out exploration activities as speculated in the public.

“AML is currently operating in its license area and is focused on building a huge concentrator that is expected to be completed in a near future. The government has not issued any official statement of Cancellation of Solway’s Licence despite.” Sendolo said during radio talk show.

Appearing on the same talk show, Bill Murphy, one of Interlog staff and Boimah Morgan’s loyalist, stated that the new owner of the controversial license is now ArcelorMittal.

When quizzed by a team of journalist on how the license belongs to AML, Murphy said the Government of Liberia should be asked. “Interlog was hired by AML to carry out some works at the site.” Murphy indicated during the talk show.

As George Weah led administration comes to an end, what appears to be responsible for his pitfalls are now unearthing as conspirators feel threatened of losing all in a fight to restore Liberia’s dignity.

The Solway Mining Inc. is one of the several companies that severely suffered in the hands of economic gangsters who masterminded the fall of President Weah. As AML claim not to be aware of occupying Solway’s property, there are preponderance of evidence to indicate AML’s influence in thwarting every good.

It can be recorded that some top ranking officials of the Weah led government and some citizens including Nathaniel McGill, Samuel Tweh, Gesler Murray, Musah Dean, Molewuleh Gray, Eugene Nagbe, Emmanuel Sherman, Boimah Morgan and many other orchestrated a plan to sell Solway’s license to AML and defraud its majority shareholder Solway Switzerland.

What appears to be a successful operation is now taking a U-turn as AML attempts to take defensive stance and Boimah Morgan’s failure to answer questions and provide legal documentation to back up his deed.

The world steel giant is aware of consequences and its ripple effect on its investment if any trace of clandestine operation is noticed by the new administration.

So much money and energy wasted when Nimbaians and Liberians could have seen some immediate improvement of their living conditions.

Following the audit ongoing within the Weah’s administration, the experienced President Boakai who served the nation as Vice President under Madam Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson will have to ask himself whether Mittal has been helping rebuild his country between 2005 and now or whether it has only depleted our natural resources, neglected our strategic national railway asset and only served itself and the interest of a few corrupt politicians.

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