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Secretary of State Antony Blinken Extends Congratulations to Liberia on 176th Independence Day

Washington D.C. – In a heartfelt message, Secretary of State Antony Blinken conveyed warm wishes and congratulations to the people of Liberia as they celebrate their 176th year of independence. The statement highlighted the strong bond between the United States and Liberia, grounded in shared history and cultural ties, as well as a mutual commitment to democracy, human rights, economic development, and environmental conservation.

The message from Secretary Blinken came as Liberians across the nation commemorated their Independence Day, a significant milestone that symbolizes the nation’s journey towards freedom and self-determination. Acknowledging this historic occasion, the Secretary of State emphasized the enduring partnership between the two countries and reaffirmed the United States’ dedication to continue working closely with Liberia to further common goals.

Liberia’s rich history as a nation founded by freed African-Americans in the early 19th century has cemented a unique connection with the United States. Over the years, the two nations have fostered close relationships in various sectors, including education, trade, and security, reflecting shared values and a desire for progress.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Blinken expressed his deep admiration for Liberia’s commitment to democracy and human rights, lauding the country’s efforts in upholding fundamental freedoms and principles of governance. He also commended Liberia’s strides in economic development, recognizing the country’s resilience in overcoming challenges and striving for prosperity.

Environmental conservation emerged as another focal point in the Secretary’s address, as he emphasized the pressing need for collective action to combat climate change. The United States stands ready to collaborate with Liberia to address environmental challenges and protect the natural treasures that both nations hold dear.

The statement concluded with Secretary Blinken extending his best wishes to the people of Liberia on their Independence Day. As Liberians unite in celebration, the Secretary of State’s words echoed the enduring friendship and shared commitment that underpins the bilateral relationship.

Liberian officials expressed their gratitude for the warm felicitations from the United States, underscoring the significance of the enduring alliance between the two countries. The sentiment of friendship and cooperation voiced by Secretary Blinken reiterates the continued support and solidarity that the United States extends to Liberia.

In conclusion, as Liberia commemorates its 176th Independence Day, the messages of goodwill and cooperation from Secretary of State Antony Blinken serve as a testament to the strong bond between the two nations. The celebration not only marks Liberia’s journey as an independent nation but also reinforces the shared values that bind the United States and Liberia together in their pursuit of a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future.

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