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US Embassy in Liberia reiterates support for the rail multi-user agreement: any other deal favoring one corporate against another is against Liberian interests

March 21st 2023 – The United States Embassy in Liberia has issued a statement in support of the rail multi-user agreement, on March 21st. The statement is a reiteration of the US Administration’s commitment to supporting Liberia’s economic development by ensuring non-discriminatory access to the rail assets of the country to multiple companies interested in investing in the mining industry of the country.

“The Embassy’s attention has been drawn to potentially misleading information purporting to represent the Embassy’s position on the above issues, put forth by those who may favor one company’s interests over those of another”, notes the press release.

The US Embassy clarified that it is their long-held position that multiple corporate interests can and should be accommodated on the rail, in line with the Liberian government’s stated policy.

Furthermore, the US position is that any deal that favors one corporate interest at the expense of others is only likely to set back the rail and mining development process rather than move it forward through the parliamentary approval process.

“Following years of negotiations and policy debate, President George Weah on October 17, 2022, signed an executive order directing the establishment of a National Railway Authority, which would appoint an independent rail operator and ensure multiple eligible user rail access, among other duties. The U.S. Embassy welcomed this decision and the much-needed clarity it has provided for development of an independent operator, multi-user rail model. Such a system could lead to significant investments by multiple mining companies in the rail corridor, and to significant economic benefit for the people of Liberia”, notes the US Embassy’s press release.

The Embassy announced that following President Weah’s policy decision to open the rail to multiple users, they have been exploring US private and public sector investment options that would directly support the Liberian government’s goals of independent, professional rail operatorship, as well as broader rail access that could include cargo and passenger service as additional sources of income.


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Last modified: March 21, 2023